Story Of A Truck And Love

Life is a summation of years, days, minutes, seconds and moments, it flows continuously. In each step of it, we learn and experience. Our daily Truck Lagbe work routine involves interacting with truck owners, drivers or shippers. When trips are long and loading is late, we talk and pass times in local tea shops. These monotonous breaks become interesting when they start talking about their journey of life which is eventful compared to a commoner.

A few days ago, we met Mr. Monsur Mia at Chittagong port for trip purposes where he shared his story. On this occasion of Valentine's day, we like to share his love story in his own way and it’s an emotionally interesting one.

Is it mandatory that only humans can love each other? I am Monsur Miah, I love my Bedford J6 truck more than my life and it’s a machine. It’s been 32 long years that we are staying together. The beginning of this affair is not a rosy one. During the driving lessons, my master was so rude to me when I did anything wrong. He did not hesitate to hit me in my face. I cursed her every time whenever I was unable to operate it properly. But when I learned to drive, it was like a fascination to me. The excitement of driving the Bedford was like meeting my girlfriend after a long break.


a truck and a story of love


Those days are long gone and I am now 55 years old. I became the owner of the Bedford J6 in 2001. In this long togetherness, Bedford J6 was out of order many times. I could not sleep on those days. I never stopped trying everything on my capacity to fix it up and never considered any negligence by the technicians. When the wait was over, I always took it to the free road for the test drives and we have a weird way of communication between us. The accelerator and clutch talked on behalf of her to tell me her status.

We relentlessly touched every corner of the country. Waiting with the shipper’s product in an unknown place is a common scenario in the trucking business and at that time there was no cell phone. There was no means of communication but that did not stop us from doing what we intended to do. Staying awake on those lonely nights was terrible and smoking cigarettes was the only option to pass time. I am not sure but my assistant sometimes complains that I talk with my truck on those lonesome nights. He laughs and taunts me by saying, “boss, you are done”. I also laugh with him. Alam has worked with me for the last 10 years. He knows how much I care about my truck.

Love is like a tree, you have to care for it. You have to do whatever it needs to keep the connection alive. My truck is no less than my family. On many occasions, my wife could not hold her anger about my affection for my truck by shouting, “Your truck is your second wife, go stay with it”. But when the anger is over she feels the reality of not having the truck will jeopardize her family income.

The time is changing. The development of the country is changing everything. The government is building flyovers, new roads, and constructing bridges. It feels like I don’t know my country anymore. New kinds of trucks are now on the road and my Bedford J6 is different than the new ones, older. In many places, police have declared it obsolete. I have to be cautious when I am on the road. I don’t want to buy a new one.

Valentine’s day is on our doorstep. I heard on this day everyone shares their love and affection with each other. I don’t know what they do but I know my love is with me all the time. Me and my Bedford J6, we will stay together till the end. 

I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

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