Secured Delivery

When it comes to hiring a truck, we often tend to hire a truck which is being operated by a known driver/owner because we think that doing so will ensure secured delivery. So to ensure security, we tend to communicate with a known person or even take the hassle of going to a truck stand to hire a truck. Rather than worrying about who can provide you with a truck or rushing towards a truck stand, put your trust on “Truck Lagbe” to hire your necessary trucks.


 All trucks and truck drivers registered with Truck Lagbe are verified. In order to register with this platform, the truck owner/operator has to provide necessary documents related to him and the truck. Since we have the important information of the Trucks and Truck Drivers, we can give you 100% assurance of secured delivery.


Often additional labour support is needed while loading and unloading goods on a truck. 


Sometimes just to ensure proper delivery of products, some people sent a person with the products as well. The solution to avoid all of these hassles is now available at the palm of your hands. So, download “Truck Lagbe” app  and ensure secured delivery of your valuable goods. 

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