How TL Tracker is helping Mossaddek Shaheb manage and grow his trucking business

Managing a trucking business with expertise in the world of logistics and tracking is no easy task. Mossaddek Shaheb, the owner of 11 trucks, ensures the smooth and trouble-free transportation of his vehicles, actively monitoring their locations and ensuring secure transportation. With many additional business responsibilities on his shoulders, keeping a separate eye on each truck is quite a challenging task.

Live Tracking: Ensuring Safety on the Go

The primary feature of the TL Tracker is its capability for live tracking. Now, Mossaddek Shaheb can monitor the real-time location of each truck, providing peace of mind wherever they may be. This feature not only ensures the safety of his trucks on the road but also keeps him worry-free about each trip.

Engine Lock/Unlock: Taking Control in Real-Time

With the help of the Engine Lock/Unlock feature, Mossaddek Shaheb gains unprecedented control over his vehicles. Through this feature, he can remotely lock or unlock the engine of his trucks, ensuring proactive measures in unexpected situations. Monitoring the driving behavior of his drivers has become a simple process, contributing to the overall security of the trucks.

Device Power Cut Alert: Swift Responses to Issues

The Device Power Cut Alert feature of the TL Tracker works as a safety measure. If there is a disruption in the power supply to the GPS device, Mossaddek Shaheb promptly receives a notification. This feature assists him in quickly resolving the issue, ensuring uninterrupted tracking and security for his trucks.

Engine On/Off: Remote Control for Unexpected Situations

The Engine On/Off feature allows Mossaddek Shaheb to control the truck's engine remotely at any time. Even if someone manually interferes with the engine, a cautionary message is sent. This capability enables him to take swift action in unexpected events and maintain security.

30 Days History: Comprehensive Insights for Informed Decisions

The 30 Days History feature of the TL Tracker allows Mossaddek Shaheb access to information about his trucks' activities for the past 30 days. This data aids in swiftly resolving issues and making informed decisions.

Beyond Basics: Additional Features for Enhanced Management

In addition to the main features, the TL Tracker offers live traffic updates, overspeed alerts, geo-fencing security, and live speed updates. These additional features make daily management more convenient and help Mossaddek Shaheb efficiently manage his trucking business.

For truck owners looking to simplify their management and enhance security, the TL Tracker GPS package may be the smartest solution. Contact Truck Lagbe now at this number: +8809638000245. TL Tracker makes managing your trucking business easier.

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