Five reasons to change your truck’s engine oil in time

An engine of a truck can be compared with the heart of a human body. Like the heart, an engine has numerous parts moving inside. These parts move properly with the help of an oil or a lubricant. Since it's always on the move, the engine that does this job perfectly is a good engine. This oil or lubricant is an essential part of the engine. The engine has a direct relation with making profits because those who drive commercial trucks want the truck to provide better service. According to them, better service means reaching the destination on time. Completing trips according to plan and commitment brings profit to the truck owner. It enables them to pay their bank installments on time or pay expenses. So, everything is possible if the health of an engine is in shape and the health of an engine depends on its engine oil.


What does engine oil do?

Lubricating the moving components of the engine is the main function of engine oil. It allows the different parts to move past each other without generating friction. Too much friction slows down the engine and increases heat that could cause significant damage to the vital parts of the engine. It also prevents corrosion and keeps the engine temperature at bay. People involved in the transport industry in Bangladesh recognize engine oil as “mobil” but Mobil itself is an international lubricant company. 


When to change your truck’s engine oil?

The answer to this question is easy and you know that because the manufacturer or truck seller has informed you when you purchased it. There is a mile meter in your dashboard where you will see how many miles your truck has travelled. When the number of miles crosses according to the limit, engine oil should be changed. For instance, engine oil of TATA ACE pick up should be changed every 2500 kilometre.


Why you should change engine oil on time-

If you change the engine oil on time, you are increasing the life of your truck. It’s simple, having a good engine means you are avoiding expensive repairs. You have reduced your expenses. You certainly don't want your truck lying on the road or in the garage. Oh! can't you remember when the engine oil of your truck was changed? Change fast - Its time.


Keep Your Truck Engine effective

If the engine oil is not changed on time, you have started making long term damages to your truck engine. Due to the long usage of the lubricant - quality and effectiveness decreases. The increased friction makes the part corrosive and loss of parts will multiply. At one point, engine sieges to run and the repair cost is so high that you can buy a new engine. If you don’t want to face this situation, change your engine oil on time.


Reduce Engine Parts Erosion

Since the parts inside of the engine move all the time, eventually they face erosion and this process of decaying increases in faster rate if the engine oil does not do what it should have done. There are multiple reasons behind this such as a low grade engine oil or there is not enough oil in the chember. The erosion of engine parts only be prevented by using advised grade of lubricant and timely change of it. A delicate part of the engine costs a lot which may seem small and it’s common that they are not available in regular shops. To avoid this inconvenience, a regular change of engine oil is suggested by the mechanical engineers. 


Check your mileage

It’s a common phenomenon that when a truck engine grows old it starts consuming engine oil by itself. The mileage limit that was set during the truck was purchased should be rearranged by consulting with your mechanic. If it’s not done, then the oil level will go down and light on your dashboard will blink. Since the drivers are mostly ignorant of this fact, at one point the engine will be burned due to excess hit caused by friction. Hence You will have to buy a new engine or abandon your truck in the middle of the road. 


Save Fuel

Most of the truck owners are not aware that a good quality engine oil reduces fuel consumption. When the engine operates properly it consumes less fuel to create desired acceleration. Saving fuel will bring more profit to your business.


Reduce Air Pollution

A damaged engine will emit black smoke which pollutes the environment. Each year trucks have to go through fitness tests run by BRTA officials. If black smoke emits by your truck, it will not get the fitness certificate. Without a fitness certificate, you won’t be able to operate the truck or if you get caught by the police, the penalty is way high according to the new Road Transport Act 2018.  


After reading this article we hope you will change your engine oil on time. Apart from maintaining your engine, there are other issues to be handled while doing a trucking business such as keeping the truck documents up to date, where to park it, arranging drivers. All of the above efforts will go in vain if the truck has no trips to deliver. So no trip means no income.


To keep the wheel of business running you need trips. Most of the owners put less importance on maintenance while focusing on arranging trips. Trips are easy if you are smart enough to use your smartphone. You can download the Truck Lagbe App from the Google Play store. You will get notifications for trips where you can quote your price and get trips for your truck. They have customer service who respond promptly to answer your questions and solve any inconvenience. Keeping an eye on the “Truck lagbe”  mobile application will solve your trip hunting and changing engine oil on time will keep your truck up and running. Life will be easy and you will have peace in your life.

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