Truck rental can be for various reasons; from moving your office/residence, to delivering your goods, etc. It is easy to make a mistake when renting trucks since you may not be familiar with the process or because you have done it rarely in the past. Here we have gathered a list of suggestions for you to avoid common mistakes when renting a truck.

Picking the wrong size of truck

We sometimes underestimate/overestimate the amount of stuff we need to move. This always leads us to truck hiring that is either too small or too big for the job at hand. To avoid such hassle, make sure we do a thorough estimate of everything that needs to be moved and discuss with the customer representative of a truck rental service when creating a quote for the delivery job.

Late truck rental bookings

If we delay booking a truck for too long, we may not get the proper truck we need for the job. It is very important that we take some time at least a week before we move and check for bookings. Being early ensures that we can be rest assured of availability and get the best sized trucks for our job.

Getting overcharged

Before we rent a truck, always make sure that we get quotes from at least 2-3 truck rental services around us. Remember to discuss the amount of load, tentative dates for move, tolls in case of interstate deliveries, option for hiring laborers, etc with the customer representative of truck rental services. With 2-3 different quotes, we will be able to assess the correct costs and this may also give us more leverage from being overcharged.

Missing your valuables while loading/unloading

If we are moving a large number of your valuables/goods, it is always a good idea to have a checklist. As we load/unload your valuables, make sure we see our checklist and account for every item. Being vigilant during loading/unloading will make sure we have everything accounted for and if not, we can easily figure out what items are missing and plan for an extra trip.

Read truck rental agreement carefully

Some truck rental services will require us to sign an agreement prior to booking. However, when renting trucks, failing to carefully read through the agreement might land us in trouble. For avoiding any such hidden surprises we should always pay attention to the details of the quote and any agreement we may have to sign.

The above points outline common truck rental mistakes and give us a guideline on how to avoid them. Hopefully, next time we rent a truck in Bangladesh, we will have a much better experience and we will avoid these mistakes.

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