8 Tips To Maintain Your Truck's Tyre

It is said that the course of civilization was turned by the invention of Wheel. The concept of business fuelled when goods transportation became easier and the purpose of a truck being in the road is the same. A wheel is the basic part of a truck and tyre is a ring-shaped component that is installed around the wheel ring. Tyre enables the wheel to run faster and to access terrains by providing traction. Hence we can say that A truck without a tyre is like a foot without the shoe.

Tyre types are divided into two categories. Some marketers categorize them according to weather conditions. They have winter, summer and all-season tyres which are actually easy for people to choose for their truck. On the other hand, there are types of tyres which are marketed by their specifications.

Since Tyre is an integral part of a truck, it is necessary to take care of it to avoid inconveniences during the trip. There are some precautions that can be taken as a part of regular maintenance.

Here are 08 tips that can help you to maintain your Truck’s tyre:

Check tyre pressure:

Tyre is filled up with air, so it has certain pressure that needs to be properly maintained to keep it inflated. Keeping the air pressure accurate has a significant impact on truck’s steering, braking, handling and mileage.  

Be vigilant for damage or unusual wear and tear:

It is important that you check your truck’s tyre regularly. When a truck runs on the road, it crosses over many things that may harm it. Finding out those damages early may save it from being out of order permanently.

Check the outer surface or tread of your tyre:

The tread of tyre is basically the surface that faces the friction with the road. The lifetime of a tyre depends on the quality of this part. Tyre has mainly two forms, one has a tube that holds air and the other one is tubeless where the tyre itself contained air. If the tread decays quickly, the tyre cannot resist the air pressure and eventually it bursts out. One should check their truck tyre every now and then to ensure the tread condition is alright to avoid inconvenience while doing a trip.

Avoid overload:

Every trye has specifications written on their body. There you will get the size of it, country of origin and most importantly the load capacity it can hold. For example, a 1 ton 7 fit truck tyre no. 155R13 has a capacity of taking 1200 kg. So, what will happen if someone takes 1800 kg? It will take the pressure but with some consequences. The tyre lifetime will reduce dramatically, the frequency of having puncture will increase and your truck will be vulnerable at any uneven road.  

Check wheel alignment:

In which angle the wheel will touch the road is called the wheel alignment. If the alignment is wrong, then the tyre will lose the tread faster. It will have more traction with the road which will increase fuel consumption and the truck will not get the desired speed.

Watch out for speed breakers:

There are speed breakers on the road to decelerate speeding vehicles. While passing a speed breaker tyres go through immense pressure. So to avoid damage, drivers should manage speed and cross it carefully.

Appoint skilled driver:

The truck’s overall life depends on the person who operates it or drives it and tyre is a part of it. The person must know how the truck should be driven on different types of roads.

Use tyres advised by the manufacturer:

It is better to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer while selecting your tyre. You can modify them and take more loads but the chassis may not survive those extra pressures.

These tips will be helpful for those who take trucking business seriously and want to learn continuously. The above-mentioned information is drawn from experts.

The tyre market in Bangladesh is a big one and we have local manufacturers like GAZI and Husen are producing quality tyres recently but the overall market is import based. MRF, CEAT, APOLLO, JKTyre have distributions in Bangladesh. There are also non-brand chinese tyres available in the market with competitive prices.

With the advancement of technology, we are also digitizing other parts of the truck industry like hiring a truck through mobile phones. A truck owner can secure his or her trips through mobile apps like Truck Lagbe. It's available in the Google play store. It’s easier and hassle-free. When everything is on fingertips, trucking business will not be a nightmare anymore, rather a lucrative business for newcomers.

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